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TokoMulti Guna Packing - Jual Tirai pvc dan Peralatan Garment

About Us

Toko Multi Guna Packing (DKI Jakarta, Indonesia)

Multi Guna Packing is a company / shop that is engaged in sales for the needs of large, medium and small industries. We also supply goods to contractors, factories and suppliers throughout Indonesia, for industrial needs.

The products we offer or supply include:
Industrial PVC blinds, Strip Curtain, Soft Pvc Clear, Gland Packing Product. Gland Packing Chesterton, Gland Packing Tombo, Gland Packing Valqua, Gland packing Garlock Gland Packing Fine Best, Gland Packing Robco etc. Packing Sheet Klingersil C4400, KlingerSil C 4430, KlingerSil C 8200, Klingersil C4403, Klingersil C 4500, Non asbestos Teadite Packing Sheet, Tesnit Packing Sheet, Valqua 6500 Packing Sheet, Valqua Gf 300, Valqua 1500, Valqua 6502 Etc, Garlock Gasket Packing, Rubber Sheet Neoprene Epdm Rubber, Nbr Rubber, Natural Rubber Sheet, Silicone Rubber, Vitton Elastomer Rubber Etc, Ferrodo brake pads, Teflon Sheet Rood, Novotex, Pertinak, Nylon Sheet, Acryllic, Veltwool, Polyurethane, Pe 1000, Ceramic Fibber, Fiber Blangket , Ht 800, Rockwool Sheet, Rockwool Pipa, Glaswool, Spiral Wound Gasket, Ring Joint, Double Jacketed, Metal Jacket, Envelope Packing, Ring Flange Rubber, Klingerit Packing Flange, Non Asbestos Asbestos Flange Packing, Pvc Strip Curtain Yellow, Pvc Strip Curtain Blue Clear, Clear Pvc Strip Curtain, Red Pvc Strip Curtain, Yellow Pvc Strip Curtain, Super Polar Clear Pvc Strip Curtain, Natural Clear Pvc Strip Curtain, Non Transparent Pvc Strip Curtain, Double Ribbed Pvc Strip Curtain Yellow, & Pvc Strip Curtain Double Ribbed Clear , Valqua 6500, Valqua 1500AC, Klinger Top Graph 2008, TOMBO NO.9038 G-Flon Packing, NON ASBESTOS BG 1005, VALQUA No.2010 NBR, CR, EPDM, NEOPRENE & Other Industrial Materials. Plastic Engineering. Engineering Products, Gland Packing Products, Packing Products, Gasket Products, Mechanical Products, Manufacturing of packing flanges and lathe manufacturing services, etc. We don't mention many other industrial materials.

The products we offer or that we sell are of superior quality and quality so that they can be relied on for your industrial needs.
We will be happy if you become your business partner to work together, for the benefit of both parties, we will provide the best service and special discounts for you,
In the spirit of providing the best service to our customers, we are still here to serve our loyal customers.
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Glodok Jaya shop floor 4 block D NO 48



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