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Industrial Rubber

Selling Industrial Rubber from a Multi-use Packing Store in Jakarta. Rubber is a hydrocarbon polymer contained in the latex of several types of plants. Some other plants also produce latex latex with slightly different properties from rubber, such as members of the fig family (for example, banyan), sapodilla (for example patches and sapilla manila), other Euphorbiaceae, and dandelions.

Rubber type
Basically rubber is divided into natural rubber and synthetic rubber:
Natural rubber is a hydrocarbon compound which is a natural polymer resulting from the agglomeration of polyisoprene (C5H8) macromolecules.
Synthetic rubber is rubber made from raw materials derived from coal oil, oil, natural gas, and acetylene. The types of synthetic rubber are: NBR (Nytrile Butadiene Rubber), CR (Chloroprene Rubber), IIR (Isobutene Isoprene Rubber).
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