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Welding Grade PVC Strip Curtains
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15 Apr 2020
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Specification of Welding Grade PVC Strip Curtains

Welding Grade PVC Strip Curtains
Welding grade pvc strip curtains are designed to deliver a safe, durable and economical barrier against sparks and welding arc flashes. Welding grade material will protect your workers from harmful UV rays omitted during the welding process.

Our green welding grade PVC rolls are manufactured to protect workers during the welding process. The green welding PVC is naturally dark, with the purpose to screen out hazardous UV rays emitted during the welding process, however, when light radiates behind the screen, the visibility is improved which allows workers to be observed without sacrificing safety and ensures protection from welding flash. The welding grade PVC also blocks sparks and hot metal projectiles that can cause severe burns to unprotected skin. 

Welding grade PVC strip is most commonly used in industrial environments when creating small partitioned welding booths within factories, factory divisions with allocated welding bays or bespoke requirements where UV protection is required. 

Our welding grade PVC rolls are offered in 200 x 2 / 300 x 2 / 300 x 3 and available in Green, Red or Bronze. All of our high-quality PVC products are manufactured and tested to European and British quality standards and comply with European REACH directives. Technical specifications are available for our welding grade PVC products and we offer free samples if you are unsure the product will suit your application. 

Welding grade pvc strip curtains are available in dark red, dark green, and bronze colors. To screen out the hazardous UV rays and welding flash, you can see through the material when light radiates from behind the PVC screen, and the PVC strip provides optical protection from metal welding and flash. 

Benefits of welding grade pvc strip curtains :

It also protects workers from sparks and hot metal projectiles that can cause severe burns to unprotected skin and can cause fires.
Welding vinyl strip safeguard from the flying sparks and dangerous glare of welding operations, and protect against serious eye damage by screening out harmful UV rays.

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